Saturday, November 19, 2016

It's time to simplify things within these walls.

Annie's Thoughtful Thursday, week 11.

There was a time when I had concrete plans for moving from Central New York to Virginia, so I purged the unnecessary from my house. I held each household item that I owned and asked myself a series of questions: "Do I need this thing right now?" If the answer was no, I don't need it now, I asked myself,  "Does he (the guy I was planning to move in with) have one of these?" If he had one, and I didn't need mine at the moment, I would ask, "Do I love this item enough to pack it, load it, drive it for hundreds of miles, unpack it, and find a place for it in the new house?" If not, out went the item. Like ice cube trays. And barbecue utensils. And many other things. When  going through my personal belongings, like clothing, I was equally brutal.
It started becoming a challenge. How many things can I get rid of and still function? Well, the answer is a whole lot. I was surprised at how little I really needed. Getting rid of extra stuff was fun and maybe a little addictive.
When the relationship with this guy in Virginia went bad, not only did I give away or throw out everything he gave me, I got rid of everything he touched. This time, getting rid of stuff was therapeutic.
I am used to living in a sparse, simply furnished house, it's been like this for 3 years or so. I love it.
I started getting rid of more stuff, like papers. Using the 43 Folders system was satisfying and comforting. (Full disclosure, I have 43 folders plus 7 more for storing papers like warranties, pet records, pension and retirement account information, identifying documents, bank account information, legal stuff, and medical stuff.)
Any in-real-life photos are displayed or in albums.
I have one bookshelf, if it starts overflowing, I cull.
I bullet journal to plan and organize time.

I don't really need to organize within the walls of my house. Or work, for that matter, having applied similar strategies there.

I need to simplify things within the walls of my head. What's messy? Personal habits. Finances. Political action plan. Social life. Email. Computer files.

I need less crawling in bed and hiding under the covers and more diving in head first.

Cognitive behavioral therapy, here I come.


  1. I believe culling the stuff will provide a good foundation for your next step, Patti.

  2. Best of luck! Cognitive behavioral stuff send pretty valid. You'll do well, no doubt.

  3. What is the 43 folder system? I think I need it in my life.

    Actually I need to do most of what you shared having already done in your life. Cull. And then cull some more. I have so, so, so much stuff. And it keeps my life messy and crazy. And I don't love having a messy and crazy life. But thankfully, for the first time this year, I spent more money on experiences and food than things. It could be argued that I spent more money than I should have on those things, but still. I think it's a small step in the right direction. And sometimes, that's all that's needed to get you on the right track – one small step. :)