Saturday, November 12, 2016

I have what I need.

Annie's Thoughtful Thursday, week 9

Boy, do I.

A loving, faithful, committed, amazing partner. Two houses to call home, chef's quality food and drink, transportation, family, friends, a great job that I love. Time. Health. Strength. Vitamins. Coffee. Gifts, talents, limitations.

In spite of having a crazy abundant life, I've allowed myself to be sucked into the dark. The election has left me off kilter and struggling.

Yesterday-almost 3 days after the election results were tabulated- was the first time I talked about the election with someone who voted for that guy, my mother. She brought it up and was trying to be comforting. I'm still not ready to discuss this topic.


I will finish November the way I started it, with thanksgiving and being grateful.

Thursday I worked honorably, and on my way to my love's house after school, I stopped and bought a couple bottles of wine. Next I stopped at the grocery store in Union Springs and bought what my heart desired for dinner. When I made it to Dan's house, I had time to put the vegetables in to roast and change my clothes before yoga class. "I'll have dinner ready when you get home." he said. Words to swoon by. I went to yoga. We ate dinner. We drank wine and watched Samantha Bee. We slept peacefully in the most comfortable bed in the world. On my way home, I stopped to walk the labyrinth, sit by the waterfalls, and buy the worst cup of coffee ever.

My life is filled with grace and love. I have everything I need.


  1. My heart is grateful for you, Patti.

  2. Patti, I wish we could magic ourselves to that room in Covenant for an hour and hold each other.